Help is Required

I am looking for a few people who are quite good with the Raspberry Pi and Python to go onto my Github repo here and add some code so that a button can be used to start flashing the LEDs and a separate button to stop the LEDs from flashing. You can also add a few other handy bits and bobs to to the code if you want. Please comment out your name beside the code you wrote so I can note you as one of the people who helped.


Bye for now



Yet another update

Hello again people! 

Starting Saturday I will start (or attempt to start) posting everyday. I will definitely be taking suggestions on what to post so I will keep everyone happy!


See ya’ll later



Hi! My name’s Matthew and I’m 11 years old. I am new to the blogosphere and I’m a bit of a tech geek! If I do anything wrong please tell me, as I am a bit of a blog newbie. I’ll try and post everyday but as I have school I might not be able to. Bye for now!