Hi! My name’s Matthew and I’m 11 years old. I am new to the blogosphere and I’m a bit of a tech geek! If I do anything wrong please tell me, as I am a bit of a blog newbie. I’ll try and post everyday but as I have school I might not be able to. Bye for now!




Help is Required

I am looking for a few people who are quite good with the Raspberry Pi and Python to go onto my Github repo here and add some code so that a button can be used to start flashing the LEDs and a separate button to stop the LEDs from flashing. You can also add a few other handy bits and bobs to to the code if you want. Please comment out your name beside the code you wrote so I can note you as one of the people who helped.


Bye for now



I apologise for not posting but here’s the first proper post😄

Today I ordered the RaspiO from Cyntech Components! The RaspiO is a breakout board for the Raspberry Pi, but stands out from the crowd as it can connect directly to the Pi and you can remove the RaspiO without taking apart your project. It also stands out as you can use female and male connector at the same time. It was created by Alex Eames from Raspi.tv, he has awesome tutorials and he has recently been running a Kickstarter for an affordable HDMI display for the Raspberry Pi, so you should check him out. Before I go here are a few pictures of the RaspiO :-





Blog Update

I won’t be posting over the next few days as I will be customizing my blog and sorting out SEO and that kind of Jazz. Also comment if you are enjoying this blog and why, if not, tell me what you don’t like and I will try and sort it out 😉

Post again soon, Matthew